Court Rules Marine Corps Must Allow Sikhs To Have Beards

A Federal Court has just ruled the U.S. Marines cannot force Sikh recruits to shave their beards.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit ruled the United States Marine Corps cannot force Siikh recruits to violate their religious beliefs and cut their beards.

In Sikhism, it’s a sin for a man to cut his beard.

The ruling comes after three Sikh Marine hopefuls filed a lawsuit against the Marines clean shave policy because it would require them to shave in order to pass boot camp.

The lawsuit is not over yet, but this latest injunction will force the Marines to accomadete Sikh’s religious beliefs until a final ruling is made.

In their injunction the US Court of Appeals wrote, “They are now suffering and will continue to suffer grave, immediate, and ongoing injuries to the exercise of their faith”.

According to Marine officials, the ban on beards is a necessary aspect of teaching discipline and stripping recruits of their individuality in order to become a unified team.

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