Couple Spends Christmas Day Naked While their Family Stays Fully Clothed

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A British couple has gone public with their intention to spend the holiday season completely undressed while their family stays fully clothed, New York Post reported.

Helen Berriman and her husband, Simon, have been celebrating Christmas in the buff, and this year is no exception.

Helen will be hosting this year’s Christmas Day for her 75-year-old mother and 15-year-old daughter, where she will sit naked alongside her husband.

“We’ll exchange gifts, play some party games and raise a glass – a completely normal Christmas day, it’s just that Simon and I won’t have any clothes on, with the exception of our cracker hats,” Berriman told Caters.

“Some people do look at us like we’re completely mad, especially when they find out that we host Christmas, but we’re all about accepting your body and everybody feeling comfortable.”

“My teenage daughter and my mom both totally accept our lifestyle, and they really don’t think twice now when we answer the door in all our glory,” the nudist added.

“My daughter did tell me I’d gone weird at first – now she is very supportive of me, although I don’t think she’s keen to join suit.

“We have had some people make unkind comments, suggesting that we’re swingers or sexualizing it, but it’s really not how it is.”

New York Post reported:

Berriman began dating Simon back in 2015, and was initially confused by the fact he was a nudist.

At the time, the single mom was managing an optometrist’s office and living a conventional life while fully clothed.

While Simon was always in the nude, Berriman didn’t find the courage to strip off until 2020 — when she realized her daughter and their neighbors didn’t bat an eyelid over her beau’s penchant for being in his birthday suit.

“I was concerned as to whether it bothered my daughter, but when I asked her, she said it really didn’t bother her at all,” the mom explained. “When I was furloughed in 2020, I realized that Simon worked from home naked anyway, and then he started being naked in the back garden, in full view of the neighbors. I was mortified, but then I realized that they really didn’t care.”

“Then I realized, if they don’t care, why should I?” she added.

Soon after, Berriman went along to a nude painting event, where she subsequently stripped off.

“While I was having a cup of tea with everyone, I was so relaxed, and I realized they were just a lovely, normal bunch of people,” she declared. “I decided to whip my dress off too, and amazingly, nothing bad happened. Nobody was sick and nobody was judging.”

The mom soon decided to discard her clothes on a permanent basis, quitting her job at the optometrist’s office to start writing for a naturist’s magazine.

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