Arizona’s Law to Confirm Who Mails in Election Ballots (Signature Verification) Is Ignored to Steal Elections

The state of Arizona is very important to the country’s security.  Drug cartels run the border and corrupt politicians let them.  By stealing elections these corrupt politicians and the cartels keep control. 

You would think that the politicians and courts in Arizona would want to keep the cartels out of their state, but this isn’t the case.

Ben Bergquan, from Real America’s Voice, noted this when he spoke in front of Maricopa County before they certified another corrupted election.  The only people that win the corrupted election in Arizona are the cartels.

Bergquam is right.  By stealing elections, corrupt politicians and election supervisors give the state of Arizona to the cartels. 

One way that the elections are stolen around the country, but certainly in Arizona is through filling elections with garbage ballots and refusing to perform signature checks on these ballots to confirm who sent in the ballot.

In 2018 President Trump sounded the alarm on the signature checks not being performed adequately in Arizona.  This was the election that put corrupt Goerge Soros-backed Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in office.

In 2020, the state virtually stopped checking signatures in the state.  This is with more mailed-in ballots than at any time in state history.

After the election, the test to determine signatures was not permitted in the 2020 Election audit of Maricopa County.  This was the biggest issue in the election and the GOP Senate prevented this test from being performed.

Dr. Shiva later performed an analysis of the signatures in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County alone using other means of obtaining valid signatures for comparison found in documents available and determined that:

At minimum, 215,856 early voting mail ballots (EVBs) should have been cured in Maricopa versus the ~25,000 cured by the County in the 2020 General Election.

This is despite the Maricopa County Election Department stating that it has a “rigorous signature verification process.”

Clearly, a proper signature verification process would have given President Trump the state in 2020.

In the 2022 Election, Kari Lake’s team identified massive signature mismatches on ballots that were included in the election which could be over 200,000 total if given the opportunity to look at all the voter signatures.

A signature review of 230,339 of the 1.9 million ballot envelopes (12.12% of the total) using the same control signatures available to Maricopa County revealed the following stunning discrepancies:

18,022 signatures had egregious mismatches to the reference signatures meaning the mismatch was plainly seen at first glance. This equates to 8.5% of the ballot envelopes reviewed – meaning that of the 1.9 million 2020 ballot envelopes, approximately 156,000 ballot envelopes were likely to have egregious signature mismatches.

19,631 signatures failed the Arizona Secretary of State standards which means that of the 1.9 million 2020 ballot envelopes, approximately 9.1% or 165,600 ballots are likely to fail the Arizona Secretary of State standards.

By comparison, in the 2020 election, Maricopa rejected just 587 ballots for mismatched signatures.

The corrupt and cowardly judge in Maricopa County wouldn’t allow the Lake team to bring this issue forward in her case.  Then he ruled that broken machines in 60% of the precincts in Maricopa County and no chain of custody on hundreds of thousands of ballots are no problem in Arizona elections.

“We Are Confident About Our Lawsuit in Terms of the Evidence and the Proof We Have Submitted” – TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft Interview Kurt Olsen, Attorney for Kari Lake (VIDEO)

Arizona allows its elections to be performed illegally and then accepts illegitimate ballots.  Those in charge allow this to happen.  Then the courts ignore this abuse.

Arizona is a mess. 

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