Gov. Kristi Noem Got A Flamethrower For Christmas (Video)

Some people get new electronics for Christmas, others get new clothes, but South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem got a flamethrower for Christmas!

A new video on Twitter that went instantly viral shows Gov. Noem trying out her new flamethrower.

Noem received the gift from her generous staff members.


This isn’t the first time Noem handled a flamethrower.

Back in 2020, Noem posted a picture on Instagram of herself using a flamethrower

In the caption Noem wrote “Is it too late to add something to my Christmas list?”.

It appears her staff members took notice and gave Noem exactly what she wanted!

Noem isn’t the only person to go viral using a flamethrower in the last couple of years.

A Kentucky man dressed up as cousin Eddie from the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” received major buzz after using a flamethrower to clear his driveway.

Check him out:

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