Two US Cities Can Now Receive Amazon Deliveries By Drone

Amazon customers in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas, can now receive deliveries from the retail giant by drone.

The company said that while they are starting in these two cities, they do plan to expand to others.

“Our aim is to safely introduce our drones to the skies. We are starting in these communities and will gradually expand deliveries to more customers over time,” Natalie Banke, Amazon Air spokesperson told Fox 40.

Amazon is calling the new delivery method “Prime Air.”

The company is working with the Federal Aviation Administration and local officials in both cities.

“According to the company, after a customer has been ‘onboarded’ and orders a package, a drone will fly to the customer’s backyard and descend enough to drop off the package, then fly away,” the report says.

When revealing photos of the drones in November, the company said that they eventually hope to be able to deliver packages to people in 30 minutes.

“When we first started Amazon Prime’s Two-Day Delivery program 17 years ago, it was considered revolutionary. Getting packages to people where they wanted them—in a matter of days—was exciting and new,” Amazon said. “Since then, we’ve developed new technologies and made investments in our logistics network that have helped us get packages to customers in two days, one day, and even on the same day. To sustainably deliver a vast selection of items in under an hour, and eventually within 30 minutes, at scale, drones are the most effective path to success.”

Amazon added, “We are excited about the next chapter in the Prime Air program and expanding this service to more customers in the months and years to come.”

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