Arthur Hayes Predicts Macro Strengthening as Sovereign Debt Bubble Nears Burst, Fueling Bitcoin’s Rise

Renowned crypto entrepreneur Arthur Hayes has shared his insights on the macroeconomic landscape, predicting a strengthening trend that could further propel Bitcoin’s ascent. 

In a recent blog post, Hayes highlighted the looming threat of a sovereign debt bubble on the horizon, which may intensify the macro setup favoring cryptocurrencies.

Hayes said that there is a prevailing narrative gaining traction in both retail and institutional investing circles, pointing to major economic blocs like the US, China, the European Union (EU), and Japan debasing their currencies as a means to deleverage their governments’ balance sheets. 

This narrative has spurred interest in crypto-derivative products, such as US Bitcoin ETFs, as traditional finance seeks to preserve wealth against the erosion of fiat currencies.

Market to Continue Bullish Trajectory

As Bitcoin experienced a period of weakness due to US tax payments on April 15 and the Bitcoin halving, Hayes said the market will continue its bullish trajectory, driving prices higher.

Hayes emphasized that in markets, the strategies and factors that led to previous successes often differ from those that will drive future gains. 

However, he noted that the macro setup responsible for the fiat liquidity surge that fueled Bitcoin’s remarkable ascent will only grow more pronounced as the sovereign debt bubble approaches its bursting point.

As the global financial landscape evolves, Hayes urged caution against premature profit-taking and encourages investors to embrace the ongoing market momentum. 

He advocated existing in the “Left Curve,” a mindset focused on seizing opportunities and adding to winning positions.

Hayes added that he expects the bull market to continue, and the potential for Bitcoin to reach even higher price levels, far beyond its current position. 

“However, the macro setup that created the fiat liquidity surge that powered Bitcoin’s ascent will only get more pronounced as the sovereign debt bubble begins to burst.”

Bitcoin Stagnates as ETF Inflows Slow Down

The price of Bitcoin has remained within the $66,000 range as of late amid slowing spot ETF inflows. 

According to SoSoValue, the total net inflow of Bitcoin spot ETF yesterday, April 23, was $31.6354 million. 

Grayscale ETF GBTC had a single-day net outflow of $66.8838 million. 

The single-day net inflow of BlackRock ETF IBIT was $37.9233 million, and the current total historical net inflow of IBIT reached $15.479 billion.

#Bitcoin ETFs Flow

Net total inflow of 473.21 #BTC ($31.60M)

https://t.co/kDuH3RuzEI pic.twitter.com/8wttktruvJ

— CoinGlass (@coinglass_com) April 24, 2024

As reported, digital asset investment products have faced another week of outflows, marking the second consecutive week of declining investor interest. 

The outflows amounted to total of $206 million, while trading volumes in exchange-traded products (ETPs) experienced a slight dip.

Bitcoin investment products witnessed outflows of $192 million.

However, few investors viewed this as an opportunity for short-selling, with short-Bitcoin strategies experiencing outflows of $0.3 million.

The negative sentiment surrounding digital asset investment products was primarily observed in US ETFs, which saw outflows amounting to $244 million. 

The outflows were primarily focused on the existing ETFs, while newly issued ETFs continued to receive inflows, albeit at lower levels compared to previous weeks. 

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