Political Donations Hits Record $91M of Crypto Pre 2024 Election

The crypto industry has made a record $94 million in political donations since 2023 in an effort to support pro-crypto governance.

According to a May 17 Bloomberg report, crypto industry donors have contributed $94 million to federal political committees since 2023. This is more than the $83 million donated during the last 2020 election cycle.

Most political donations come from political action committees (PACs). These organizations pool member contributions and donate the funds to campaigns for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation.

PACs strategically allocate funds in primaries to influence candidate selection that is favorable to their interests.

Who is Making Crypto Political Donations?

The Super PAC Fairshake has raised over $85 million to support political candidates who endorse crypto and blockchain technology in the upcoming election.

Fairshake seeks to ensure that elected candidates will advocate for establishing and adopting much-needed regulations for the cryptocurrency industry.

Most recently, Fairshake spent over $10 million successfully opposing a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in California through a series of negative ads that helped keep her off the ballot.

Fairsake’s mission has attracted the attention of major players in the crypto space, including venture capitalists Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, who each gave Fairshake $9 million.

They have also attracted large crypto firms like Coinbase, which donated $20.5 million, and Ripple Labs, which contributed $20 million, according to the report.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has been vocal about his opposition to anti-crypto governance and contributed $1 million personally.

Welcome to the club – you’re in good company

The courts will help get clarity – but the right solution longer term is we need to elect pro-crypto candidates. This is why Coinbase has supported Fairshake superpac, and https://t.co/1YyvPQemqk.

Hope y’all can join us! https://t.co/TONaXX2vlv

— Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) May 7, 2024

The largest crypto industry contributor is Jeffrey Yass, a major donor from Susquehanna International Group, who supports a range of networks from Bitcoin to ByteDance.

Describing himself as a libertarian, Yass predominantly backs Republican candidates and has already donated $70 million toward political causes.

Crypto in the 2024 Election

Elections are now crucial to the future of cryptocurrency. As major jurisdictions slowly become hubs for cryptocurrency development, it is critical to establish strong regulatory support for the technology.

One of the most influential is the US. The 2024 election is shaping up to be key in the future of cryptocurrency in the country.

According to a Digital Currency Group poll, this has become a major issue among voters in the 2024 US Elections.

This is primarily fueled by the contrasting views held by leading political candidates. The current Biden administration has displayed a rigorous regulatory standpoint, which some interpret as hostility.

On the other hand, the Trump administration seeks to foster a more supportive environment for crypto in the US. During a Q&A session, he agreed that many cryptocurrency businesses are leaving the country “because of the hostility.”

“Well, we’ll stop it because I don’t want that… If we’re going to embrace [crypto], we have to let them be,” he claimed.

This move has been under question as opportunistic, however. He has raised much less than his primary competitor, the Biden administration, according to a Financial Times report.

In addition, Trump’s ongoing legal expenses may have prompted a personal appeal to the industry.

“If you’re in favor of crypto, you better vote for Trump,” Trump said during a Q&A.

A 2023 Greyscale survey indicates that US voters want presidential candidates to have an informed perspective on new technologies like crypto.

According to a Coinbase report, about 20% of American adults claim to hold crypto. Therefore, a pro-crypto stance may be a valuable tool in the upcoming 2024 election.

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