Mobs of Bonk Inu Token Traders Now Buying Mollars ICO


Large mobs of Bonk Inu (BONK) token traders appear to be migrating into the ICO for Ethereum-Blockchain’s new store-of-value asset; A rival token for Bitcoin.     Climbing in popularity, Mollars token presale, has raised over $1.35-million-dollars and is still surging.   The brand has become so popular, Google Trends shows it’s gotten 90% of the search volume of already established $BONK.   As that news made headlines over the weekend, a swatch of Bonk Inu holders appear to have migrated over to the Mollars initial coin offering.

The report published by Coingape Saturday showed evidence of how the Mollars token rose to a popularity that now rivals Bonk inu.   The data was derived from Google Trends, a public data application that shows statistics on search.  This is used by many to determine how strong or weak a brand has gotten.

For Mollars, the Google Trends feature has shown the brand is surging in popularity. Over the last 30 days, there have been moments where the search for the “MOLLARS” keyword term have exploded to over 50x it’s normal rate.

Such data proves that the Mollars brand is a cryptocurrency on the rise and perhaps enough to confirm most of the earlier predictions were not high enough.   The top prediction  may have been the most accurate however, a 10,000% ROI yield, suggested on ZyCrypto.

Brand Popularity Increases Token Prices

At the time Mollars token prediction, the presale was new and it appears the analyst behind the post had a good foresight on what the project’s popularity would become.  Released in December, the presale was likely under US$100,000 in funds raised as another news report shows the ICO reached $315,000 almost 1 month later.

Today, the Mollars token is near its ending deadline of June 1st and raised over $1.35-million-dollars.     It’s estimated thousands of crypto traders have already acquired rights to tokens prior to its launch on crypto exchanges.

At least 3 exchanges, with over 20-million users cumulatively, have already confirmed they will list $MOLLARS token on or around June 2nd.

Other factors that have since changed and could increase the token’s price predictions are the project developer’s announcement of a new decentralized crypto exchange that will rely on the Mollars token.  Set to launch on the secondary domain of the brand, “Mollars.CC,” it could put the token price into a hyper driven volatility.   And that would also mean, the more people that use this exchange, the further scarce $MOLLARS will become.  This could increase token value massively and rapidly.

Bonk Inu & Pepe Trading Volumes Today

As for another Google Trends that’s been noted, Mollars is half as popular as Pepe ($PEPE) token as well. The popular memecoin is ranked as the 27th most traded cryptocurrency of today.

Bonk Inu (BONK), though it’s been better for ROI gains due to volatility in price, is the 61st most traded cryptocurrency today.

What is the Market Cap rank now?

By market capitalization, Pepe (PEPE)  is rated 26th highest cryptocurrency.  It has an MC of nearly $3.95-billion-dollars.

Bonk Inu (BONK) holds the rank of 55th highest.  It has a market cap of $1.64-billion-dollars. The capitalization is a goliath figure considering the token launched barely 2 years ago.

Such data can be used to help with future predictions of Mollars.   With the brand being nearly halfway as popular or 90% as popular as the two tokens,  it’s clear there’s a massive audience with interest in the new ERC-20 token.

All of these factors are perhaps why the Bonk Inu audience is migrating over into the Mollars presale.  WIth it being just $0.55-cents per token today, the predictions for it to rise between 20x and 100x in value make it seem that it’s a portal to faster gains.

What is Mollars token for?

Mollars will be the first Bitcoin-like, store-of-value token on the Ethereum-blockchain with its type of project infrastructure.

The total token supply is half that of Bitcoin with only 10-million tokens to be minted.   Forty-percent of that supply is allocated to the presale, with nearly 3-million already bought by investors.

The total token supply of Mollars is half that of Bitcoin (BTC), and it has a deflationary feature in its smart contract that’s supposed to help it burn tokens to lower supply over time.

Also, once demand rises well above supply, traders will begin referring to their fractional purchases of a Mollars token as a ‘Moll.’  This is the term designated to token holders holding 1/110th of a coin.

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