‘Super Trump’ Meme Coin Goes Viral on Solana and This Next Low Cap Gem Set to Explode Next

In the year of the presidential election, Donald Trump tokens are gaining momentum in the DEX markets. Recently, a new Solana meme coin called ‘Super Trump’ has seen a significant surge – jumping to the top of meme coin markets.

This article will provide an analysis of Super Trump’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new multi-chain dog coin, DOGEVERSE, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

Super Trump has just entered Solana Dextools hot pairs

Token: $STRUMP
Twitter: @supertrumpsolX
Dextools: https://t.co/qzTfUCS0FX pic.twitter.com/yBWTkOvw3y

— CryptoTrending (@DexBotOG) May 20, 2024

Super Trump went viral after being featured as a meme call amongst many popular crypto call channels.

Super Trump Price Analysis: US Presidential Election Fuels Trump Token Popularity in Solana Meme Coin Markets

As price action fights to hold position, Super Trump is currently trading at a market price of $0.0006, down around 41% in the past 24 hours.

The retracement move has eaten away at Super Trump’s rally since around 5PM (UTC) on May 20, with a quick-fire sell-off from early investors after the price hit an all-time high at $0.0043 (a jaw-dropping return of over 150,000% for the earliest backers).

Amid this sell-off, price action hammered down in a much-needed price correction, leaving Super Trump trading in an accumulation zone between $0.0005 and $0.0007.

So far, this has been a well-defended level by holders, with more than 12 hours of consolidation now established at these levels.

Yet, Super Trump remains below overhead resistance from the downtrend, leaving holders targeting a further 2-4 hour period of consolidation before the downtrend is potentially invalidated.

However, beyond the enduring meme value of a Trump-themed coin, there are strong reasons to be optimistic at these levels.

Firstly, with early-backers flushed out by the sell-off, Super Trump can now rally further organically without significant risk of early-backer profit-taking behavior.

Secondly, with the retracement move leaving Super Trump at a more alluring lower market cap of around $150k – late-stage retail capital could be enticed by a 10x gainer if previous price action repeats again.

This is reflected in the growing buy-pressure in the order book, which has shifted to 52.5% of transactions in the past hour.

But while holders sit tight, other investors are shifting their attention to a soon-to-launch multi-chain dogecoin project.

Discover the Next Solana Meme Coin to Pump in May 2024: DOGEVERSE

While Super Trump offers a high-risk opportunity, the biggest gains can be accrued through presale opportunities, which position investors as early birds able to capture the lion’s share of project growth – just imagine investing in Super Trump before it hit the market and skyrocketed 15o,000%.

The portal is under maintenance so I had to improvise #Memecoins #Sol #Altcoins #Cryptomemes #Web3 #Hodl #Memes pic.twitter.com/VITzrcTZhs

— DogeVerse (@The_DogeVerse) May 21, 2024

One such opportunity in the SOL ecosystem is the DOGEVERSE presale – which has unlocked viral success over the last two weeks to hit $15M raised in the ongoing presale.

Aiming to be the first multi-chain incarnation of DOGE, DOGEVERSE is positioned to grow rapidly as market participants race to grab a piece of the pie.

DOGEVERSE is still raising funds at the presale stage and will start preparing for exchange listings very soon.


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