SpaceX is betting on open IoT standards

By Jiachen Zhang and Alan Crisp at Analysys Mason. “SpaceX’s move towards standards-based IoT solutions in the direct-to-device market reflects the industry’s shifting

The Inherent Evils of Centrism

Most people will claim to be political and social “moderates” yet actually accept extreme socialist viewpoints. Original Article: The Inherent Evils of Centrism

Government-Enforced Paid Family Leave Is Not Pro-Family

Christianity Today magazine enthusiastically endorses government-enforced family leave, calling it “pro-family.” Government coercion, however, is still violence, not something to be championed. Original Article: Government-Enforced Paid

Rothbard on Suits for Defamation

David Gordon explains Murray Rothbard's famous assertion that laws against libel and slander should not be on the books. Original Article: Rothbard on Suits